Day Without Technology

This was probably the hardest assignment to carry out, but also enjoyable at the same time. It showed to me how much I truly use my phone to look on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, text messaging etc. all on one device. I was constantly bothered by who would try to communicate to me or what texts I was missing out on. Furthermore, I practice golf almost daily and one of the things I enjoy doing is putting my ipod on shuffle and have it playing out loud through my phone while I am practicing. I have always enjoyed listening to music with whatever I am doing at that particular moment and it was quite depressing that I no longer had that luxury while I was practing. Moreover, the drive to the golf course was awful, because I hardly ever listen to the radio and I love listening to new music that I downloaded or the music that I already have available. I could not even put in a CD, something so basic as that I thought I would never see the day where I could not even have that option! However by doing this, it made the day go better once you got over the fact that technology was not available. It was easier for me as I just spent more time out on the golf course and had to avoid the television and video games my roommates and I constantly watch and play during our free time. That honestly was the hardest because our television is on most of the times and I even study or will be texting in the den even with it on. I never really cared to notice how much of the time I spent throughout any day is relied on technology and not with people you are with at that moment, which should be our priority. Sometimes I hate having a mobile phone because of all the people that text me and the constant stress of having to stay in touch or to even respond to a person’s text or call. So the transition to this was easier, but in the end, I love to listen to music and to have available the luxury to listen to music, social media, and to text others. I think if we are more conscious of how much time we spend in our dorms or apartments simply watching television, playing video games, texting, etc. we would be more interactive around each other and be outside more. I would envision us going hiking, swimming, or running a neat trail just to get and enjoy being outside with each other. I do not being locked up in the same room for a long time, so this aspect of staying away from technology made it more enjoyable. I go to the gym frequently and as I mentioned earlier practice golf a lot, and I managed to socialize more when I was with people at lunch or dinner in order to not be tempted to play my roommate in a video game or to simply watch a movie.


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